Seeds for a Local Network

When moving to a new city, what’s your plan for meeting new people and engaging the local creative community? There are international networks like Pecha Kucha, Dr. Sketchy’s,the various BarCamps and other gatherings of interesting folk.

But if you dropped into a city and found none of those things or more likely, a small town where the critical mass just didn’t exist, what would you do? What kind of seeds do you use to grow a community where none was present?

There’s a fuzzy line between finding interesting people to talk to, colloborate with and drink and have good times with and the weird clinginess that comes from typical student/amateur groups. Achieving one and dodging the other seems to be a case of using the tried and tested invite and introduce method vs. broadcasting for participation.

(Brainbits is my new tag for loose thoughts I want to collect before they completely slip by me. ((edit: Was brainjuice, but I noticed Mr. Ellis using it, odds are good he’s prior on that particular turn of phrase.))