Hi, I’m James Everett. I design games for a living, and I love me some whiteboard. After an amazing time in Toronto at Ubisoft’s newest studio I joined the Magic Leap team in Wellington, New Zealand. I’ve worked with some extremely talented teams in the past on:

  • Splinter Cell Blacklist (X360/PS3/PC)
  • Shatter (PSN/Steam)
  • Madagascar Kartz (X360/PS3/Wii)
  • Power Rangers: Super Legends (PS2/PC)
  • Kim Possible: What’s the Switch (PS2)
  • Teen Titans (PS2/Xbox/GC)
  • Rifts: Promise of Power (N-Gage)

and a few other odds and ends when I was getting started.

You can reach me via jameseverett at gmail dot com, on twitter at @jamese, or via LinkedIn.

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