Things I missed at GDC

Derek Yu provides a genius write up of the Indie Game Maker Rant.

With roughly 1 minute remaining, Petri stands up and beats on the keyboard like the drummer on a Nordic slave ship. Even though we’re indoors, a warm breeze somehow makes its way into the room and unravels his ponytail, sending his flaxen hair waving as Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries is pumped in through Moscone’s humble speakers.

It only gets better when you read the whole description of Petri’s 5 minutes of madness. The indies, as represted by Polytron/Infinite Ammo/rest of the TIGsource crew, keep making me consider diving headfirst into the path of that particular train. I wonder what Heather’s rant was about…

One thought on “Things I missed at GDC”

  1. When i volunteered to speak first in the rant line-up, I didn’t anticipate that would mean that most of my friends (and many journalists) would not get to see it. Argh! But maybe it was a blessing in disguise. All will be revealed, in time. 🙂

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