Victory for Team Puppy Guts!

Serious F*Artist How awesome is this? Team Puppy Guts, the kick ass crew that I shot production photos for a few weeks ago, has just won the NZ 48 Hour Film Competition with their short film F*Dance. 6 finalists are chosen as the winners from their respective cities, then the local Kiwi legend Peter Jackson goes through the other runners up from all the cities and selects 3 more films as his Wild Cards which are then added to the finals.

Corie and co didn’t know until just this week that they had been selected as a Wild Card, so he had organized a small get together at his place to watch the finals as they were broadcast on C4. So tonight we got to see all of the other finalist films (some of which were really fun) and the Wild Cards (which were all great). The Runner Up was announced, Beyond Belief by Team Lens Flare, who were a Wild Card pick. We all sat around wondering who was going to win the whole competition. Then F*Dance came up. Moment of stunned silence, followed immediately by clapping whooping and hollering. We couldn’t quite believe it.

Immediately text messages and phonecalls start flowing in from friends and family. Was a great thing to see. Then the star of the film, Reagan, calls. He’s up in Auckland for the weekend and is at the bar where everybody has just seen F*Dance win. The arts crew for TV3’s major nightly news program is there and want to interview him! Great, we’ll turn to TV3!

After all of the other real news, and a bit about running down the ski hill in Queenstown with dogs, there’s Reagan on camera and looking totally thrilled. A few words with him and then Nightline proceeds to play the ENTIRE FILM ON PRIMETIME NEWS! Sweet.

3 thoughts on “Victory for Team Puppy Guts!”

  1. Holy crap that’s a funny film. I nearly peed myself at the line ‘you’re so anal about fingering’ – on the primetime news. Mwhahaha!

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