Blotto Brace for GAMMA3D

GAMMA is an amazing event in Montreal which coincides with the Montreal International Game Summit. The Kokoromi collective (Cindy, Damien, Heather and Phil) put out a call for games tied to a theme to be played at a party on giant projection screens. Now in its third year the Kokoromi crew decided to run with 3D as their theme, so retro-future it’ll make your eyes water.

I’ve tried and failed to get a game completed the first two years, but this year was Win. Working with the insanely talented Antony Blackett (code) and Corie Geerders (art, and famous director of F*Dance) put together a weird game of support rather than destruction.

The goals were: playable and interesting with 3D anaglyphic glasses, playable at a party in under 5 minutes, uses an Xbox 360 controller for input.

So you control the game with the Left Analog Stick, it takes 3 minutes to win, and it has a strange zen quality which rewards not panicking. (Which was an unintended consequence of the control being very hard until you learn to release the stick to neutral for each movement. We may do a new version in the future with a different control scheme to see how that feels, but doing this thing in spare moments between other projects… we’ll see.)

So here it is, download Blotto Brace.

Requires a gamepad of some kind, playing it on a keyboard is damn near impossible (that will probably be the update we release) and 3D glasses are highly recommended. Run the fullscreen version only on 4:3 monitors, widescreen will make you cry.

The party kicks off right about now and it’s the first one I’ll be missing since flying from NZ would be prohibitively expensive. In my place I give you this game! Massive props to Ants and Corie for making this possible.

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