Quick Update, CHCH, AKL, LSGM

  • Went to Christchurch, it’s flat. Heard some good dubstep and DnB, took photos of the Garden City Big Band and plenty more of the city itself, made the mistake of going up the gondola while it was covered with cloud.
  • Went to Auckland, attended Semi-Permanent 08 and spoke at the Media Design School. More excellent dubstep (Loefah!) and awesome people. Also, Stefan Sagmeister’s Things I have Learned in my Life So Far is a great project/list.
  • Participated in the Lost Sport finals with Team Wellington. We won gold in the 7 circuit labyrinth!
Photos of the above to come as I process them. Currently deep into a project pitch with a tight timeline and the potential to fulfill a longstanding design desire.

Team Wellington – Multiverse Olympics 24 Aug 2008 from Jo Eaton on Vimeo.