MIGS2011 and Prince of Arcade


Slightly overdue, but I’ve posted a bunch of pictures from MIGS 2011. Though most of these took place at Prince of Arcade, which was good fun. It was fantastic to reconnect with so many of my old colleagues from Montreal, and meet a bunch of the Ubisoft Montreal crew!

One of the pictures has also been used in an interesting article at the excellent Kill Screen Daily, What Do You Call It? by Lana Polansky. Weaving a common thread through the various highlights of MIGS is quite a feat, I highly recommend her piece.

Points don’t make it a game! The Slides.

Points don’t make it a game!

I’ve put the slides up from my NXNEi talk back in June. Although lots has happened in the gamification world since (see my previous post), I think there’s some value in getting this on the record. It’s best viewed with the speaker’s notes for info and context, unfortunately you’ll have to go over to the slideshare page for that.
Quesitons and comments very welcome!